SkeeterVac TacTrap Replacements, Sticky Trap for Mosquitoes for Use with SkeeterVac Mosquito Killer – 2 Pack

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SkeeterVac, manufactured is an affordable solution to pesky mosquitoes, black flies and gnats. These TacTrap Replacements make keeping yourself and your family safe from pesy bugs easier than ever. Designed to diminish your mosquito population within 30 days, the SkeeterVac is perfect for your backyard or outdoor space.

  • MOSQUITO CATCHERS – Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes and flies! This box comes with two TacTrap replacements to use with your SkeeterVac. Sit back and let these mosquito traps protect your garden, patio, and outdoor space.
  • USER-FRIENDLY – Don’t worry about adhesive sticking to your fingers. If you have trouble removing the wax paper from the sticky paper, freeze it for about 5 minutes. Once you attach the TacTrap to your unit, you can peel the paper off easily.
  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT – These TacTrap Replacements are safe to use. Our TacTraps work fast, so sticky papers may fill up in about 3 to 6 weeks during mosquito season. No matter the season, you can trust TacTraps to keep your life pest-free.
  • FOR USE WITH SKEETERVAC – Don't let mosquitoes and other insects ruin your backyard parties, picnics, and barbecues. The SkeeterVac machine (sold separately) is the cost-efficient solution to limiting the mosquito and insect population in your backyard.
  • MULTI-PACK – This pack includes 2 SkeeterVac TacTrap Replacements. The life of each trap depends on the season and amount of insects in your environment. Use these mosquito magnets with the SV-15, SV-27 or SV-35 SkeeterVacs.

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