Upgrade Your Nighttime Patio Space

If you look at your backyard and don’t feel inspired, it’s time to upgrade your outdoor space with premium entertainment pieces from Outdoor Marketplace. Whether your ideal night involves eating dinner with your closest friends or roasting marshmallows over the fire pit with your kids, Outdoor Marketplace has everything you need to transform your backyard dreams into a reality. 

Keep reading to learn about the eight patio must-haves for an outdoor living space that will impress every guest. 

6 Patio Must-Haves for the Best Nighttime Backyard

String Lights

Light up your night, and your backyard, with a few strands of aesthetic hanging light bulbs. It’s an easy way to add warmth and ambiance to any backyard. Not to mention, the durable bulbs are built to withstand various elements. 

You can place them along the fence line, drape them over a pergola, or hang them along your balcony railing to enjoy a magical evening with the people you love. 

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Citronella Tabletop Fire Bowl

If you’re looking for nighttime warmth and ambiance in a small package, the Citronella Tabletop Fire Bowl is likely the perfect addition to your backyard living space. With its compact size, you can place one on a side table or line up several along a path for ambiance lighting in multiples. 

Shop Citronella Tabletop Fire Bowl

Dining Set

An outdoor dining set, complete with a table and chairs, is a great addition to any backyard. It's the ideal place for several people to enjoy a meal or play a card game together without feeling cramped all night. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a game night, an outdoor dining set is the best way to ensure everyone has a comfortable seat at the table. 

Shop Rectangular Patio Set Cover

Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs provide a space for relaxation and leisure during any season. You can choose from various colors to match your outdoor decor, and their durable construction will last for years to come. They allow you to enjoy the outdoors while still being able to sit down and relax.

Whether you cozy up with your favorite book or gather around the fire with family and friends, adirondack chairs are a great way to take advantage of your outdoor living space. 

Shop Stacked Adirondack Chair Cover

Projector Screen

An outdoor movie projector screen allows you to bring the movie theater to your backyard. The screen is easy to set up and enables you to enjoy your favorite movies for a fraction of the cost you’d pay at the movie theater. With an inflatable movie projector screen, you can host everything from date night to your kid’s birthday party in the comfort of your backyard. 

Shop Inflatable Outdoor Movie Projector Screen

Portable Griddle

If your kids have always dreamed of having a backyard tent campout, a portable griddle will help make it a huge success. Instead of going in and out of the house to prepare breakfast the next morning, all you have to do is whip up a batch of pancakes, eggs, and bacon on the griddle. Everyone will be happy and energized for a day full of family fun. 

Shop Portable LP Gas Griddle

S’mores Cooking Forks

You’re never too old to enjoy the deliciousness of warm, gooey s’mores under the starry night sky. That’s why every backyard needs a set of s’mores cooking forks. This double-pronged, metal cooking fork fits multiple marshmallows at a time to speed up the roasting process. 

Grab some marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey bars at the grocery store, and use our extendable cooking forks to make the perfect s’mores for you and your guests. 

Hershey’s S’mores Extendable Cooking Forks

Endless Summer Fire Pit

No backyard is complete without an Endless Summer fire pit. Whether it is for cooking, socializing, or ambiance, a fire pit transforms your backyard into a cozy, inviting atmosphere for guests. It provides warmth during the cold winter months and allows you to make memories with family and friends. With so many options available, you can choose a size and style to satisfy your preferences.

Propane Gas: Shop The Americana

Dual Heat: Shop The Harris

Wood-Burning: Shop Stars & Moons Wood Fire Pit

Upgrade Your Backyard With Outdoor Marketplace

Outdoor Marketplace is the top choice for outdoor entertainment pieces that improve any night on the patio. As the market’s leading producer of high-quality fire pits, grilling accessories, and outdoor furniture covers, we help homeowners enhance their backyards and outdoor living experience. Because we’re passionate about providing customers with premium products that deliver value, quality, and innovation, we offer top-notch customer support and fast shipping nationwide. 

If you have questions about how you can upgrade your nighttime patio space with Outdoor Marketplace, call us today. 

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