How To Light a Gas Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great addition to any outdoor space. They not only add warmth and ambiance but they’re an ideal accent to an evening alone or when entertaining guests. Before you can enjoy your fire pit, though, you need to know how to start it. Keep reading to learn how to light your gas fire pit.

5 Benefits of Gas Fire Pits

When you invest in a gas fire pit for your outdoor space, you’ll enjoy several benefits that don’t accompany traditional wood-burning fire pits. Check them out below:

User friendly

While wood-burning fire pits require you to pile wood and start the fire naturally, all you have to do is turn a knob or use a lighter to ignite a gas fire pit.

Gas fire pits are a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire without the hassle of wood, charcoal, or gas.


Various safety features make gas fire pits more dependable than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. They’re also an excellent choice for people who are allergic to smoke.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas fire pits are fueled by propane, clean-burning fuel that produces little to no smoke. They also produce no soot or ash, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional wood-burning fire pits.


Equipped with stylish exteriors and elegant fire glass or lava rocks, gas fire pits are an attractive focal point for any outdoor space.


Add the attached table insert to the top of your gas fire pit to entertain your guest for dinner.

Ignition Systems Overview

Ignition systems (manual or automatic) allow you to have convenient control over the on/off operation of your gas fire pit. 

Manual ignition systems require a match or lighter to ignite the pilot light.

Automatic ignition systems ignite the pilot light with a push button or remote control. 

Types of Ignition Systems

Here are the four types of fire pit ignition systems:

Match Light Ignition System

If your fire pit has a match light ignition system, all you have to do to start a fire is turn on the gas and light a flame using either a fire starter or a match. These systems have a simple design to make manual operation as easy as possible. 

This cost-effective ignition option doesn’t contain a flame-sensing safety feature to alert you if the fire pit stops producing flames, putting the system at greater risk of a gas leak. 

Due to the lack of this safety feature, fire pits with a match light ignition system should never be left unattended.

Spark Ignition System

Fire pits with a spark ignition system only require you to press a button to initiate the heating process. After you open the gas valve, the pilot light will produce sparks that ignite the propane. Once the propane heats up, the fire pit will produce flames. This battery-operated system is easy to operate.

Flame-Sensing Spark Ignition System

A flame-sensing spark ignition system executes the same function as a standard spark ignition system but has an added flame-sensing capability. 

This safety feature detects when your fire pit stops producing flames and alerts the unit to resume flame production. This maintains comfort and helps protect your unit against potential gas leaks.

Electronic Ignition System

Electronic ignition systems feature automatic ignition operation, making them the most reliable option for gas fire pits. Most fire pits with this type of ignition system contain the flame-sensing safety feature found in fire pits with a flame-sensing spark ignition system.

How to Light Your Gas Fire Pit in 7 Steps

Once you know how to start a gas fire pit, it’s all smooth sailing. To start a fire pit with an electronic ignition system, follow these steps:

  1. Install a battery, negative side first, into the battery compartment.
  2. Remove any fire glass or lava rocks from the ignitor cover in the bowl so the flames aren’t blocked.
  3. Make sure the control valve is turned off.
  4. Connect the regulator to the propane tank, and ensure it’s secured tightly.
  5. Using one rotation, open the propane tank. After one minute, spray the hose, valves, and connections with a spray bottle mixture of four parts water and one part liquid soap. Check for any bubbles forming at the connection. No bubbles mean your unit doesn’t have a gas leak, and you’re good to move forward in the lighting process. If bubbles form, shut off the gas immediately. Then tighten the connections and try again., repeating the spray bottle test.
  6. Push the control valve in, and rotate it until flames are lit—usually about 20 seconds. Keep the control valve pushed in for an additional minute to warm the thermocouple.
  7. Release the control valve, and rotate it left to reduce the flames or right to increase them.

For a visual example of how this process works, watch our Fire Pit Electronic Start Set Up video on YouTube.

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