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Whether it’s the dead of winter or peak summer season, investing in a fire pit or fire table is a perfect way to achieve premium comfort in your outdoor space. Despite their differences, both fire pits and fire tables provide a way for you to stay warm, cook tasty food, and enhance the ambiance of your porch or backyard with ease. If you’re wondering how fire pits and fire tables are different from each other, check out our product guide at Outdoor Marketplace.

What Is a Fire Pit?

When you think of attending a classic backyard campfire, a fire pit is generally what comes to mind first. This product is made of either metal or stone and is inserted into a hole in the ground, making them a more permanent option.


Fire pits are extremely versatile because they’re available in various sizes, styles, and colors. They also come in both portable and permanent options, so you can find a fire pit that best fits your needs.


This standard option is perfect for warming up on a cool evening, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying conversations with loved ones.

What Is a Fire Table?

A fire table is an elevated surface that contains an opening in the middle where the flames emerge from. While they function similarly to fire pits, fire tables add an extra flair of sophistication to every backyard gathering. Since fire tables are also a more mobile option, you can move them around to create your desired outdoor space.


Typically powered by gas, fire tables don’t release smoke or other fumes into the air. Fire tables can be small enough to fit on a porch or large enough to accommodate up to ten people for an outdoor dinner party. To finish off the look of your fire table, add stylish lava rocks or fire glass to achieve the ultimate ambiance in your outdoor space.


A fire table is a standard table that produces flames for warming and cooking purposes. 

Key Differences Between Fire Pits & Fire Tables

While fire pits and fire tables share some similarities, they also have key differences. Take a look below at the characteristics making each product distinct.

Fire Pit

  • Fire pits are dug into the ground
  • Fire pits are powered by either wood or charcoal. This means they create open flames that either burn out naturally or have to be put out with water.
  • Generally associated with activities like roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, fire pits are a more casual option.
  • Most fire pits are made with some type of metal or stone.
  • Fire pits feature a round, bowl-like shape.

Fire Table

  • Most, if not all, fire tables are gas-burning. This means the flames produced can be turned on, adjusted, and turned off with the press of a button or the flip of a switch.
  • Generally associated with activities such as dinner parties, fire tables are a classier, more modern option.
  • Unlike fire pits, fire tables can be constructed with various materials, including wood, stone, metal, or glass.
  • Depending on the size of the table, fire tables typically come in either a square or rectangular shape to accommodate multiple people.
  • Since fire tables are powered by gas, they don’t produce smoke and other fumes that harm the environment. Therefore, they’re more environmentally conscious than some fire pits.
  • A fire table will typically have a grate on top of it, rather than being open like a traditional fire pit. This grate allows people to cook food on top of the table without having it fall through into the flames below. The grate also prevents people from getting too close to the flames while enjoying their time around the table.

Can a Fire Pit Be a Fire Table?

Fire pits and fire tables are two similar, yet distinct, products. Here are the top five reasons why a fire pit cannot be a fire table.

  1. Fire pits are built into the ground while fire tables are built above-ground.
  2. Fire pits are wood or charcoal-burning while fire tables are gas-burning.
  3. Fire pits are more casual while fire tables are more upscale.
  4. The flames produced by fire pits must be lit and put out manually while the electric flames produced by fire tables can be lit, adjusted, and put out by turning a knob.
  5. Fire pits are round while fire tables are square or rectangular.

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