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Two things you can expect to return every summer are high temperatures and pesky bugs. And we all know nothing ruins a summer evening spent outside quite like a mosquito ambush. But what can you do to get rid of bugs and keep them away from your patio during peak backyard season?

If you’re desperate for a method to keep bugs out of your outdoor living space, check out our guide below. Whether you implement all five or just one, these tips and tricks are sure to keep your backyard bug-free all season long.

1. Display Citronella Candles

Want to keep pesky bugs out of your backyard for good? Invest in a citronella fire bowl. This compact, stylish backyard decor expels non-toxic citronella that deters bugs and fills your outdoor space with a satisfying scent.

The perfect dual-purpose outdoor accessory to add ambiance while keeping away bugs! Whether you want to place one on a side table, a dining table, around the perimeter of your pool, or line several along your patio steps, the Citronella Fire Bowl is the perfect accessory for any outdoor living space by providing ambiance lighting in multiples. Follow the link below to give your backyard the upgrade it deserves.

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2. Light a Fire Pit

Wondering if fire pits effectively keep bugs out of your backyard? Lucky for you, they do. Since bugs don’t like smoke, burning a fire deters them from invading your outdoor living space.

You can burn everything from wood to eucalyptus to rosemary to steer pesky bugs away from your backyard. We recommend our Yankee Trader 4 Pk. Natural Organic Fatwood Firestarter. Easy to light and convenient to use, this wood is the perfect bug deterrent and campfire kindling.

3. Decorate Your Patio With Bug-Repelling Plants

Besides improving your backyard’s aesthetic, decorative outdoor plants also ward off pesky bugs. Some plants—such as tea tree, lavender, and basil—emit smells that bugs don’t like, enabling the plants to serve as natural bug repellents.

Another handy trick you can implement is placing garlic cloves in potted plants throughout your backyard. Garlic produces natural chemicals that mosquitoes and other bugs don’t like. This is a cheap and easy way to get rid of them for good.

4. Maintain Your Yard

Want to keep bugs away for good? Maintaining your backyard can do the trick. Follow these simple recommendations, and you’ll be one step closer to a bug-free backyard.

Remove standing water

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other bugs that thrive in moist environments. The less standing water you have in your outdoor living space, the fewer bugs you’ll have to deal with. As mosquito season ensues, follow a few simple steps to rid your backyard of standing water. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Empty birdbaths
  • Remove water puddles from your pool cover
  • Dump out gardening buckets filled with water
  • Take cups of water inside after use
  • Don’t over-water your yard when using a sprinkler system
  • Clean your rain gutters to rid them of standing water, leaves, and other debris that accumulates over time

Give your plants some TLC

Besides standing water, bugs are also attracted to things like tall grass and unkempt flower beds. Keeping bugs away requires you to cut the grass when it gets too tall and keep bushes, flowers, and other plants trimmed. Here’s a checklist we put together to help you remember what to do:

  • Mow your yard regularly to prevent the grass from overgrowing
  • Keep plants trimmed
  • Pull weeds from any flower beds
  • Don’t over-mulch your flower beds

When it comes to maintaining your backyard, a little bit of effort goes a long way. So don’t neglect these simple steps, especially during peak bug season.

5. Add Fans

Placing fans in your backyard accelerates airflow and blows the bugs away from your patio. All you need are a few overhead or oscillating fans, and you’ll be on your way to a bug-free backyard all summer long. Fans also provide needed relief from hot summer air.

As an extra line of defense against insects, you can invest in a SkeeterVac or a bug zapper. The SkeeterVac is a cordless, propane-powered device that attracts, traps, and kills insects. Our Handheld Bug Zapper kills insects on contact and is designed for outdoor and indoor use. With these two products on hand, you won’t have to worry about insects again.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space With Outdoormarketplace

From mosquitoes to bees to gnats, the presence of bugs can make or break a nice evening spent on the patio with family and friends. As a proven method to deter pesky bugs, it’s time for you to safeguard your backyard by investing in a fire pit.

Don’t worry about spending hours searching online for the perfect fire pit. Outdoormarketplace has you covered with premium propane gas, DualHeat, and wood-burning fire pits along with our customer favorite Citronella Fire Bowl. Follow the link below to find your backyard’s perfect match.

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