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  Now the versatility of the Razor Griddle can be enjoyed indoors and out with iRazor! Powerful and quick, the iRazor’s induction heating offers a safer, eco-conscious alternative to gas griddles. Induction cooking is well known for being faster, hotter and safer than traditional electric cooking elements.  We’ve brought that technology to the Razor griddle line, that allows for quicker heat up times and the ability to maintain temperatures throughout the entire cook.

  Energized by 1600W/120V, and 11 different cook settings, the iRazor is capable and compatible with standard electrical sources. The 249 sq. in. cooktop allows enough room to cook up to 19 burgers, 13 pancakes, 18 bacon strips, 19 eggs, or 7 chicken breasts.  To start, simply press the power button for quick start up and select from a variety of heat settings using the digital temperature control. While cooking, no need to purchase additional tools as the iRazor can be used with any cooking utensils. Clean up is a snap with the front access grease cup, detachable lid and removable stainless steel cook top.   

  Whether you occupy an apartment, dorm, or tiny homestead; live life on the road; or just want to amplify your meal game, the iRazor is for YOU.

  • Because the iRazor is induction, the heat up times are quick, and maintain a steady temperature throughout the cooking time
  • Gas-free, portable design for smaller spaces
  • Compatible to use with any utensils and tools
  • Detachable lid and removable stainless steel griddle top for easy cleaning
  • Dimensions – 17.44” x 18.5” x 5.12”
  • Powered by 1600W/120V
  • Induction cooking is quicker, hotter, and safer
  • Front access drain and cup for easy grease disposal
  • One of the only electric griddles using a stainless steel cooking surface
  • Simple to use - just press the power button for quick start up and select from 10+ heat settings using the digital temperature control.
  • Unique lid design keeps water and grease off counters

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