Razor 6-Piece Griddle Cleaning Kit



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Keep your griddle looking new with the Razor® 6-piece griddle cleaning kit. Set includes 1 heat-resistant glove that withstands heat up to 650° F. It also includes a scrubber to clean and restore, with 2 replacement pads as well as 2 microfiber cloths to wipe down after you're all done. This is a must-have for keeping your griddle in tip-top shape.

  • Glove withstands heat up to 662° F
  • Scrubber cleans and restores griddle
  • Microfiber cloth to wipe and keep griddle clean
    1 Heat Resistant Glove
    1 Scrubber
    2 Microfiber Cloths
    2 Replacement Scrubber Pads

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