9 Reasons to Invest in an Endless Summer Propane Fire Pit for Your Backyard.

Home is where the heart is. Adding a fire feature to your backyard is the perfect way to bring family and friends together. With various styles to choose from, investing in an Endless Summer Propane Fire Pit is an affordable way to infuse style, function, and elegance into your outdoor living space—making your summer truly endless.

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Convenient Outdoor Heating

Propane fire pits are a convenient alternative to wood-burning fire pits. They offer the same ambiance and comfort as wood-burning fire pits without the setup and cleanup time.


Styles for Every Space

Endless Summer offers various propane fire pit styles to suit your taste, budget, and needs. From DualHeat models with integrated patio heaters to smaller 28” models, Endless Summer has something for everyone.


Beautifully Designed

Unlike other fire pits on the market, Endless Summer fire pits feature a hidden tank compartment and a hidden control panel. Function without compromises ensures a stunning centerpiece for your patio or backyard.


Uniquely Functional

The tabletop on each Endless Summer fire pit offers plenty of space for plates and cups. When the tabletop isn’t used, Endless Summer fire pits convert to additional entertainment—making these multi-functional fire pits perfect for every occasion.


Carefully Crafted

Extra care goes into designing and creating every Endless Summer fire pit. Each piece is manufactured with durable materials, allowing for year-round enjoyment and entertainment.


Fully Stocked

Accessories are included. Each Endless Summer propane fire pit comes with stylish fire glass or lava rocks, a convenient table insert, and a durable protective cover.


Safe Operation

Safety is a top priority. Endless Summer propane fire pits feature an automatic safety shut-off valve in addition to an adjustable flame height. All fire pits are tested and certified by CSA standards. Many other fire pits brands require self-assembly; the burners on our fire pits come 100% preassembled.


Maximum Heat Output

If you require more heat output for chilly fall and winter days, Endless Summer offers a line of award-winning DualHeat fire pits that combine the table with an infrared patio heater located below the mantel.


America’s Trusted Fire Pit Brand

Endless Summer has been a trusted brand since 1998. Our premium fire pits add warmth and ambiance to over 10 million homes nationwide.

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Shop the Endless Summer Collection

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