Let’s Talk Backyard or OLS (Outdoor Living Space)

Let’s Talk backyard or OLS (Outdoor Living space)


People are spending more time at home than ever before.  Your backyard is the outdoor heart of your home. Unlike its evil stepsister the kitchen, your backyard is the place you go to unwind, entertain, escape the kids and have Zoom cocktails with your college pals. Why not make it the outdoor sanctuary you deserve it to be? The first thing you need to create your own Shangri la is a fire pit.   Adding a fire pit to your outdoor living space is a practical, fun, and affordable way to transform your outdoor oasis.




Style? What is your style? Do you prefer a tile looking top or do you prefer a marble look?

Form and functionality? Would you like the fire pit to be used for more than just heat and atmosphere?

Size and shape are probably the second most important thing to consider when purchasing an Endless Summer fire pit. 


But the most burning question of all????

To burn wood or to burn gas, that is the question.




If you are a purist who grew up outside of a city, we know your vote.  Your affinity for burning wood is generations deep and you are thinking about those family bonfires during summer break.


If you appreciate our common conveniences such as a smart phone, Amazon deliveries, and a Starbucks drive through, my guess is you will love the convenience of a propane fueled fire pit. 




Wood burning is for those of you who love the smell and sound of the crackling fire.  It’s for anyone who has ever bragged about how long their fire burned.  Outdoor fire pits test your commitment to the art of fire building. It’s you and your fire against mother nature, the way fire was intended. All you need for this primitive, yet proper fire is a supply of good dry wood, some kindling (fatwood is a great option) and a fire starter (a long neck lighter).



If you prefer to get the fire party started in 15 seconds then look no further than the ease of a propane burning fire pit. You may not get the same sense of accomplishment as your wood burning brethren, but in the end a good fire is a good fire. Propane fire pits are odorless, mess free and simple to use.  Push and turn the ignitor to get your night glowing.  You can adjust the flame height for safety. 


Both methods guarantee you the ambiance, warmth, and atmosphere you crave. 

Both can roast the perfect marshmallow for your S’mores. 

There is no shame in the fire pit game, so you do you…….or do both!




Choosing your new pit for your outdoor oasis will not be the hardest decision you ever make so do not overthink it. 

Pick the area you want to set up your fire pit.  Assess the space and determine the best size for you. The most common sizes are 28”, 30” or 36” square, 36” round and 54” x 32” rectangle. Rectangles are best suited for your outdoor couch area.

Squares and round are perfect for any chair height including Adirondack style chairs. 

Most tables come with a bonus table insert which allows you to cover the fire bowl when not in use and use the unit as a table. Most Endless Summer fire pits have a place to store the table insert when not in use, a place to hideaway (kind of like what you are doing reading this blog) the insert.


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